Pastor Sheldon Callahan

Sheldon Callahan

Adventurous. Joyful. Relational. Sheldon is the one who will be playing tag with the kids, going down the water slide with the boys, and eating ice cream with the elderly man at the picnic table. He loves to have fun and looks for the moments of joy that life brings...

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Brittany Bio

Brittany Callahan

Intuitive. Classy. Spontaneous. Brittany is patient, easy going, and fun-loving; yet lives her life by a strong internal value system. She’s loyal and protective, and will remain by your side; she’s kinda like the glue that holds everything together – only in a much more sophisticated way! She’s good at...

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Pastor Kent Butcher

Kent Butcher

Witty. Analytical. Unwavering. Kent lives life with a steadfast commitment and an unwavering strength that runs deep in his bones. He sees the big picture, and the tiny details.  He likes solving problems;  and after he solves it, he’ll probably tell you how he did it – just in case you...

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