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Where We Meet

Tuesdays, 6pm, Youth Room

Vine meets weekly, from September to April.


What To Expect

Vine is focused on equipping believers to cooperate with the Holy Spirit's call on their lives by growing in identity, intimacy and fruitfulness.

Course Topics

30 Weeks

                        Kingdom Theology
                        Holy Spirit
                        Spiritual Gifts Overview
                        Words Of Wisdom
                        Words Of Knowledge
                        Discerning Of Spirits
                        Tongues & Interpretation
                        Dream Interpretation
                        Overview Of Healing
                        Spiritual Healing
                        Emotional Healing
                        Physical Healing
                        Power Evangelism


What graduates have to say

"I feel more boldness in praying for people. I feel like I can hear and know God's words so easily now. It's really neat to see what and how God has been using me."

"I want to be used more by God. The school has awakened a renewing in me."

"I think that I have begun to understand the Father's heart for my life and it has ushered in another aspect of the calling of who I am and given me a greater confidence in ministry."

"I am seeing the bigger picture and how God is using others to bring about the reality of His Kingdom to our world."

"When God works through a team, it is exquisite! I have experienced this during the school and have grown simply by being willing to step out."

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