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Where We Meet

Tuesdays, 6pm, Sanctuary

Beta meets weekly, in the evening. It's offered on Tuesday nights in the Fall, and on Wednesday nights in the Winter.


What To Expect

Beta is focused on growing deeper in relationship and understanding what it means to live by grace.

Course Topics

12 Weeks

          Walking In Grace
          Growing Deeper Through Worship
          Faith & Fruit
          Growing Deeper In The Word
          Growing Deeper In Prayer
          Growing Deeper In Community
          The Foundation For Godly Relationships - Part 1
          The Foundation For Godly Relationships - Part 2
          Promises & Boundaries
          Healthy Communication
           Serving Others
          "I'm A Fool For Christ. Who's Fool Are You?"
          Relational Evangelism
          Being Yourself
          What's His Story?
          Kingdom Commitment


What graduates have to say

"I'm a pretty conservative individual and have never given much thought to HOW to worship... but after taking the Beta class  -  I realized that they were helping me get closer to God through some techniques that seemed a little foreign to me. Amazingly enough, in a SAFE place, I tried some things I never would have on my own. Through that, I reached a new level closeness to my Savior. If you feel a little stagnant in your walk, I would recommend going through the course."

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Beta begins September & January.

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