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What To Expect

Alpha provides a relaxed environment for you to ask questions, experience community, and discover the basics of Christianity.

Course Topics

12 Weeks

          Is There More To Life Than This?
          Who Is Jesus?
          Why Did Jesus Die?
          How Can We Have Faith?
          Why And How Do I Pray?
          Why And How Should I Read The Bible?
          How Does God Guide Us?
          Who Is The Holy Spirit?
          What Does The Holy Spirit Do?
          How Can I Be Filled With The Holy Spirit?
          How Can I Resist Evil?
          Does God Heal Today?
          What About The Church?
          How Can I Make The Most Of My Life?


What graduates have to say

"I've grown closer to my Alpha family than my own family."

"I loved seeing the diversity of the class and how everyone is so accepting."

"I discovered that God has a plan for me."

"In walking through this I realized that other people struggle too, not just me."

"There was a feeling of family, love and being lifted up."

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