Kent Butcher

Witty. Analytical. Unwavering.

Kent lives life with a steadfast commitment and an unwavering strength that runs deep in his bones. He sees the big picture, and the tiny details.  He likes solving problems;  and after he solves it, he’ll probably tell you how he did it – just in case you ever find yourself in the same predicament.

Kent is originally from North Webster, Indiana; he’s married to his wife, Liana; and they have one son, Ben. All you have to do is spend a little time around Ben to know he’s got the same humor as his dad. It’s…well…witty and unexplainable! They rather think they come by it honestly. Kent may be complicated in his way of thinking, but he’s rather simplistic in the things he loves: Jesus, Liana, Ben and coffee; all things you don’t mess with. He’s seriously into ice hockey and 80’s rock. He can play just about any instrument, even if he’s never done it before. His love for music runs deep and influences all of who he is. At Vineyard, Kent is our Lead Pastor. He oversees the “big picture” and plays a large role in the vision and discipleship of the church, as well as preaching. He serves on the U.S. Partnership for Russian Vineyard Churches has a passion for raising up and mobilizing pastors and leaders.

In his lifetime, he would like to be able to preach a sermon in Russian. Oh yeah, and watch the Blackhawks continue to win Stanley Cups!

He also thinks sleep is a poor substitute for coffee.