Derek Coy

Trustworthy. Loyal. Insanely Funny.

Derek is the kind of guy who will laugh at his own jokes, live each day with vision for the impossible, and watch your back like every good friend should. He looks for the risk in every opportunity and thrives on making the most of something unexpected. He loves sports and outdoor activities, but the kind that a manly man likes – not things like jump rope and sidewalk chalk.

He’s originally from the small town streets of Syracuse, Indiana; married to his wife, Melissa; and has a “mini-me” that goes by Addison (his son). Derek loves being integrated into the community and is involved in various aspects of coaching, giving him the opportunity to love what he does, and do what he loves. He can be pretty ridiculous sometimes, but we just roll with it. As our Celebrations Youth Pastor, Derek plays two primary roles: the first is that he heads up our youth ministry and is committed to discipling a generation to be raised up and released into their calling; the second is that he oversees our Sunday morning celebrations, and knows the nuts and bolts of just about everything. You could ask him a tech question and I’ll bet he knows the answer. He’s pretty cool like that.

One of his greatest desires is to see God use athletes and sports to bring revival in our community. Oh, and see the Cubs win the World Series.

If you ever run into him, you might hear… “I’m glad you got to see me today, the pleasure was all yours!”