Brittany Callahan

Intuitive. Classy. Spontaneous.

Brittany is patient, easy going, and fun-loving; yet lives her life by a strong internal value system. She’s loyal and protective, and will remain by your side; she’s kinda like the glue that holds everything together – only in a much more sophisticated way! She’s good at identifying the best systems for getting things done, and doing it with a thoughtful and artistic flare. She’s usually right… and she’ll let you know!

Raised in Indianapolis, Brittany is an Aveda-trained cosmetologist and has used her skill to serve on the mission field in Thailand with Destiny Rescue. She loves cheap coffee and line dancing… oops, I mean really, REALLY good coffee; brush lettering; and capturing the beauty and simplicity of life through the lens of a camera. Perfectionist? Yes. High class perfectionist? Absolutely. Don’t be surprised to find her perfecting a new skill or hobby that requires precision and detail, combined with her own ingenuity to bring forth creation of the upmost quality. At Vineyard, Brittany is the Administrative Assistant to the Lead Pastor… which means she pretty much does everything… and then some! She knows its job security. Whether at a celebration service, or the day-to-day functioning of office life – you can be sure to find her fingerprints of expertise written all over.

In her lifetime, Brittany would like to visit every single beautiful place on the planet, and every really good coffee shop.

In the words of one artist’s life to another – “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” – Leonardo da Vinci